What does the label say?

On the label you see the DOWNPASS logo as a sign that high quality down and feathers from controlled livestock farming were used as filling material for this product.
Percentage values show the respective proportion of down and feathers.
Based on the individual verification number on the label, the manufacturer of the goods can be identified to check whether a valid DOWNPASS audit was available at the time of production.

The DOWNPASS documents the ethical sourcing of down and feathers from waterfowl (ducks and geese), which are used as filling material in clothing, outdoor equipment and bedding, in combination with a quality control.

In order to be allowed to label products with the DOWNPASS, manufacturers must ensure that only down and feathers from controlled livestock farming are used. For a successful DOWNPASS audit, the rearing and parent animal farms are undergoing both announced and unannounced controls: caging, force-feeding and any type of feather harvesting from the living animal is prohibited. Reasonable stabling, adequate provision of food and fresh water, protection of the animals from disease and natural predators, as well as assistance by qualified staff are requirements for passing the audit.

The basis for the assessment of animal welfare is the Five Freedoms extended by John Webster. The concept for assessing animal welfare includes aspects such as food, health and safety of animals in human care and has established itself internationally as an assessment criterion for animal welfare. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recognises it as one of the guiding principles for animal welfare.

In addition, no parallel production on the farms audited by the DOWNPASS is allowed. This includes the keeping of fowl for feather and down of live animals as well as foie gras production. The animals may not be even left to another farm for this purpose.

In addition to checking the origin of the filling material, DOWNPASS products are additionally subjected to a quality inspection. For this purpose goods are bought from stores and then checked by accredited test institutes under notarial supervision. It is checked whether the information on the composition of the filling is in accordance with valid labeling requirements (for example, DIN EN 12934 or similar national / international labeling regulations). In particular, it is important that the proportions of down and feathers indicated on the label are correct.

Infringements of ethical and / or qualitative test criteria on DOWNPASS fillings will be punished immediately and may lead to the withdrawal of the seal by notarized support.




Duvets & Pillows

With an average life expectancy of around 80 years in the Western world, a person spends about 24 years sleeping in the course of his life.
Sleep becomes an issue only when there are problems with it. Not being able to fall asleep or sleep through, too warm, too cold, too heavy: choosing the right duvet and matching pillow in combination with mattress and underframe is often a lengthy process.

With bedding filled with down and feathers, you are almost always right.
Warmth without weight - because the fine down can include a lot of air as insulation - and a good moisture transport help to a restful sleep.

Duvets and pillows labeled with the DOWNPASS are also subject to the strictest quality and welfare controls.
So that you can sleep well in this regard!




Down jackets & coats

Super warm - super stylish.
For years, the down jacket or the down coat are in full swing. While many fashionistas once cuddled in the warm jackets only in cold winter days, meanwhile new lighter models have also conquered the transitional seasons.

Variants with lower down filling allow a feel-good climate in the favorite designer piece even at temperatures above zero in spring and autumn.
Easy to care for - usually washable in your own washing machine and then blown dry in the dryer - jackets and coats outlast many a season.

Fine, if you can have lasting and long enjoyment of the fashionable companion and know that everything was done to protect the animals.
Watch out for clothing labeled with the DOWNPASS, which stands for controlled animal welfare and strict quality surveilance.




Professional Equipment & Sleeping Bags

Hikers, outdoor and extreme athletes or expedition participants: Professional equipment for clothing and equipment means adequate protection and insulation against cold.
And in extreme, dry cold, high altitudes or arctic regions, and whenever every gram counts, down is indispensable - whether it's functional clothing or sleeping bags.

Animal welfare and sustainability have long since become reality at many major brands. When buying down and feather filled products, always make sure that they have been tested to a zero tolerance standard.
And if you choose the DOWNPASS, you know that the quality has also been checked by independent test laboratories. And quality is what matters most in extreme situations.