Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC)

Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (“QTEC” in short name), based in Japan, China, Korea, ASEAN and South Asia, is an all-around testing and inspection organization providing services of testing and inspection for down/feather products, textile products, and others from their materials to final products.

As QTEC is an accredited testing organization by both IDFB and EDFA, and also has certification of ISO 9001 and DIN-CERTCO (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025), we are providing down/feather testing services with high accuracy and quality.

On the other hand, QTEC has been performing factory auditing for many years by utilizing the QTEC’s own-developed system for accrediting sewing factories and product inspection factories. Furthermore, QTEC is also a registered organization based on Japanese laws for JIS mark system and flame-retardant label system, providing fair and neutral auditing. And now, QTEC has started to work as a DOWNPASS Traceability Auditor.

For further information, please visit the QTEC website: www.qtec.or.jp.